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Companies Increasingly Need the Internet to Compete

Through the next decade, most business transactions will be conducted over the Internet. To make this work on a grand scale, standards are critical. The success of JEE is important because it ensures that the Internet is the most cost-effective medium to use for promoting the services of a business. Conducting business with a user-friendly, reliable, speedy, and attractive set of web pages supported by reliable back-end business logic will make the difference between success and failure in the enterprise business.
The entire business must be Internet enabled. The business site must engage the customers and enable them to conduct transactions without the necessity of human interaction. Moreover, it will feed the organization’s “fulfillment” engine as well as provide a place to go for post-transaction services.
Corporations will need architects to anchor development standards such as JEE to facilitate the construction of websites. These sites will communicate the business objectives of their clients, whether they want to direct functionality to local, national, or international markets.
Development roles are now more important than ever. The architect must work together with other technical and graphic design personnel to ensure that the web pages not only meet the business’s needs but that they also maintain a perfect balance between performance and professional graphics work. The design of each component must follow a standard such as JEE to ensure that the end product looks professional, loads faster, and effectively communicates the company’s business objectives to the world.